Together with some of our favourite Los Angeles-based friends, Lucy Folk hosted an intimate evening to celebrate the launch of her eCommerce international website.

Flamingo Estate to celebrate together;
An banquet aimed to stimulate your senses;
Locational Astrology to broaden your horizon;
Clay making to surface the creativity;
Psychic Wines to float downstream;
Roaming sitar musician to inspire your rhythm;
Madre Mezcal to enjoy the LA sunset;
Moon Nectar Apothecary for spiritual well-being;
Solar Return matcha ice-cream to relax your mind;
Lucy Folk to find your inner Guru.

Event Notes

Space – Flamingo Estate

Flamingo Estate Gatekeeper - Jeff
Catering – Ella Freyinger
Locational Astrologer – Astrocarto by Alexandra Clark
Ceramicist – Carmen D’Apollonio
Wines – Psychic Wines
Roaming Sitar Musician – Fred Jospeh

DJ - Mikey Longhair
Mezcal – Madre Mezcal
Guru Gem Essence – Moon Nectar Apothecary
Dessert – Solar Return
Photography – Davey James Clarke
Event Management - Zoe Communications

Lucy Folk now ships worldwide. Visit our international site, or the Australian Domestic Website.

The Pre- Fall Guru Collection will launch through the US international website and throughout Australia on Tuesday 11th June.