Sicilian Summer & The Temple of Hera - Part 1.

By Gabrielle Penfold

Travel Guide

Sweet, hazy Sicilia. In the summertime on this sunny isola in the central Mediterranean Sea, we eat lemon and mulberry granita for breakfast, freshly caught squid for lunch and cacio e pepe for dinner almost every day. Almonds, apricots, Sicilian olives, capers and sardines are our favourite purchases at the local delicatessen.

We wander through streets lined with olive trees and browse the dusty antique markets of Palermo. We hike down ancient Roman paths where prickly pear clings to the cliffs, to discover hidden beaches and grottos. We swim in the sparkling sea.

When the afternoon heat becomes too thick we siesta, dozing to the lazy whir of insects. We wake and walk across fields growing rampant with sweet cicely to have a Venetian spritz for aperitivo at the local osteria, always the perfect midsummer refresher….

Words by Raff Lucini.